Your Trash / Our Treasure

We need many items to enable us to complete our work for whale shark research, community education, and the conservation of the world’s largest shark.  
You can help us solve some of the whale shark’s mysteries – it’s easy..
If you have any of the following items (new or used) that you could donate to ECOCEAN for our field work at Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef, we would very much appreciate your consideration for support.
* Waeco / ENGEL fridge/freezer (donation of product requested)
* Recovery Winch (4WD) (donation of product requested)
* Recovery Tracks (4WD ) (donation of product requested)
* Heavy duty portable air compressor (for 4WD to field sites) (donation of product requested)
* Honda generator with inverter [either 2 x 2kVa up or 1 x  5kva] (donation of $4000 [or products] requested)
* Weber Q (and gas bottle) (donation of product requested)
Solar Panels (200w solar kit) (donation of product requested)
* 2 x First Aid kits (1 x research vessel; 1 x field vehicle) (donation of products requested)
* 3x Smart Phones (e.g. iPhone, Samsung etc.) for volunteers and staff (donation of products requested)
* Repairs to research vessel (donation of $950 [or product] requested)
* Outboard motor service (donation of $500 requested)
* T-bar shade roof for research vessel (donation of $1800 requested)
* Canvas pontoon covers (for research vessel) with whale shark dot print (donation of $2500 requested)
* Microsoft Office (for field laptops) (donation of product requested)
* Food for 6 month field season (donation of $2500 requested)
* Accommodation at Coral Bay (4 weeks) (donation of product requested)
* 4 x Waterproof jackets for staff / volunteers (donation of product requested)
* Storage shed (research equipment) or 20-40ft shipping container (donation of product requested)
* Trailer (preferably caged) for transporting field equipment (donation of $950 [or product] requested)
* Caravan (to be fitted out as information unit / volunteer accommodation) (donation of product requested)
* Camping equipment (everything except tents) (donation of product requested)
* Tools / toolbox (anything spare) (donation of product requested)
Any size donation ($$ or equipment) will enable ECOCEAN to make a difference.
NB. To be a major supporter of a particular aspect of our work e.g. satellite tracking, critical feeding habitat study, schools education program, photo-id study (and be acknowledged in our publications and media reports), please contact us at to discuss).
Thanks in advance 🙂
 We have already received the following support from ECOCEAN friends and supporters – a big thanks to all who have helped out so far.
* 5 x 20 lt Jerry Cans (donation of product requested) – already secured
* Accommodation at Shark Bay (3 weeks) (donation of product requested)- already secured
* Accommodation at Exmouth (4 months) (donation of product requested)- already secured
* 4 x laptops (new or late model) (donation of products requested) – already secured
* Plotter /sounder for Falcon Rib research vessel (donation of product) – already secured
* Esky 90lt (donation of product requested) – already secured
* Fuel for vessel (donation of $4000 requested) – already secured
* UHF Radio for communication with spotter planes (donation of product)  – already secured
* GoPro camera (video documentation of our fieldwork) – already secured
* 4 x Olympus underwater cameras (for photo-id) – already secured