ECOCEAN relies on generous support from a variety of individuals and businesses to carry out our research and education work for the conservation of whale sharks.  We are seeking your support in the form of direct funding to achieve our objectives. 

If you would like to be a major supporter of ECOCEAN, please see opportunities listed below.



  • Field costs for 2017 (including vessel/vehicle running costs, accommodation and travel) [$20,000]


  • Support our new campaign ‘Where does Stumpy go?’ and help us put satellite tags on Stumpy and his friends at Ningaloo [Each tag $5,000 with 20 tags available]
  • Help keep the worlds largest global data base of whale shark data and ECOCEAN’s signature project ‘The Whale Shark Photo-Identification Library’ on-line [$10,000]


  • Design and printing of a free Field Guide for distribution at visitors to Ningaloo – highlighting the unique species, where to see them, and how to minimize impacts when seeing them within the World Heritage Area at Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park.   [5 sponsors x $3,000 ea]
  • Online education for shark conservation (Webmaster for ECOCEAN site) [$5,000]
  • Awareness materials aimed at informing and engaging community members in shark conservation and monitoring [$5,000]


  • Keep ECOCEAN in our office for 2017 [$7,500]
  • 2 x Internship opportunities for encouraging next generation marine conservationists [$5,000 each]



  • Your company will be acknowledged at our annual 2017 fundraiser ‘Oceans Alive 17’; in all ECOCEAN promotional material, and on our website.
  • ECOCEAN receives a considerable media and we will thank major supporters at every opportunity.
  • ECOCEAN is well known in the Ningaloo coast community. Your support will therefore be promoted through ECOCEAN in Exmouth and Coral Bay.
  • Staff members from ECOCEAN are available to give formal presentations at your workplace where possible.
  • Staff from your company would have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks with ECOCEAN’s lead whale shark expert Brad Norman (whale shark tour costs are separate).


We would consider any other requirements you need to make your sponsorship of the whale shark campaign a more valuable.