ECOCEAN is a globally recognised, non-government, not-for-profit organization based in Western Australia working towards scientific research, education and conservation of the marine environment. It’s flagship species, the whale shark, is an iconic animal for marine conservation being the world’s largest fish.

Founded in 1995 by marine conservation biologist Brad Norman, with participants from 54 different countries, all contributing to furthering the research and knowledge of this threatened species.


Satellite Tracking


ECOCEAN deploys satellite tags on whale sharks in Ningaloo Marine Park. The research targets large and mature animals, providing information about their behaviour and migration routes in the ocean. The database created is essential for the work of scientists towards the mysteries of whales sharks.


Photo Identification


ECOCEAN in a collaborative study with WildMe (USA) helps to develop The Wildbook for Whale Sharks, the largest monitoring program of the species in the world.

Information Architect Jason Holmberg and NASA Astrophysicist Zaven Arzoumanian created the software that uses photos of the skin patterning of individual whale sharks to monitor population numbers, track their movements and compare if the same shark has been seen in the area before.

The Library currently holds in excess of 50,000 photos. Any people around the world can access and report any whale shark sighting.





ECOCEAN relies on donations to keep the research and educational projects.
With a common effort of the society we can maintain the marine life alive!
See the many ways you can help saving the biggest fish in the sea.